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Underground Crush

The wind was blowing the headscarf covering my newly

curled hair when I saw him out of the corner of my eye.

His hair was long and curly, too, but let loose and wild.

He wore a tight vest that covered his six pack but

accentuated his large rock-hard arms. He had a perfect

body and a style to die for. I was intrigued.

He walked into the dungeon ahead of me and I felt the

urge to follow him. He made his way to the stand and

took out some cash. I nodded to the hostess and she

told him it would be a few minutes.

I don’t usually pick my prey, but this guy had something

special about him, something magical. I had to find out

what makes him tick, but more importantly, what makes

him cum.

When he entered the room, he made immediate eye

contact. His eyes were piercing, and he locked in a gaze.

“I am here, madame, do what you will.” he said


We made some ground rules and a safe word before we

began. He seemed to know the drill and immediately got

down on his knees, ready to play.

A warm feeling came over me and I started to wonder if

this man was turning me on. Normally I would fight such

urges, but this piece of art was enticing parts of my body

that needed inspiration. I didn’t want to fight it.

I forced him to take off his tight leather pants even

though I could stare at his ass all day. The snug fit in the

crotch had my panties wet. And the smell of the leather

had me swooning.

He took his time and It was the longest undress I have

ever experienced. It felt like an eternity as he untied the

strings and pulled them apart slowly gazing at me with a

smile. He then pulled them off from the bottom as his

large hard cock flipped out and showed its beautiful self.

Most of my sessions involve focus, but today I was not

focusing. This guy was picture perfect even as he begged

for me to crack the whip on his bare ass. After a long

whipping session, his face was still beaming and his red

ass still enticing.

I felt at this point I needed to get him in a more

vulnerable position. I don’t like weak men so making him

grovel would put my loins at ease. I can’t have his

attractiveness get in the way of my work. It never

happens and it never will. I put my foot down and pulled

out a chastity cage.

I tell him to put the cage on and I’ll do the locking. He

fumbled around trying to relax his cock and I yelled at

him to make it more difficult. I berated him for having

such a hard time and he was feeling the pressure.

I continued punishing him until the cage was on. As I

began to lock it, he looked down at me to make eye

contact as men love to do, but I didn’t give him the

pleasure. Instead, I made him beg for my attention. I

had him fight for it. I had him scream for it.

When I did finally allow him to lock eyes, his cock was

swollen and he was almost in real pain. I took off the

cage and asked him why he didn’t use the safe word and

his reply was “I feel so aroused by you, mistress, I can

handle it.”

I took that as a challenge and brought out my toolbox.

This man wasn’t getting away without humiliation and he

certainly wasn’t getting away with my heart. I had to

think quick and keep my composure. I grabbed the first

thing that my hand felt and pulled it out. It was a bag of

nipple clips and a cock ring. I was ready for some more


I had him bend over and arched in a way that was

comfortable for him but unsightly to me. I could just

reach his chest but was far from his gaze. From behind, I

put my arms around him and clipped each nipple with a

quick snap. He flinched and squirmed right back into my

torso. His bare ass up against my latex panties had my

imagination run wild so I pulled myself back from the


The session was almost over and I could tell this man was

having a ball. And honestly, so was I. There was a lot of

good chemistry with this client, and I could only hope I’d

see him again.

He put his clothes back on with pure ease. Of course, he

did it slowly and made sure I was watching. I couldn’t

help but want to help him, so I grabbed the laces on the

front of his pants. I pulled the strings hard crushing his

cock and turning his face red. He smiled and I returned

the favor.

I was so intrigued I wanted to ask him if he would be my

new slave and obey me outside of the Dungeon, but I

knew it wasn’t appropriate. I had to shake those

thoughts out of my head. I had to let him go.

Before he left the room, he turned to me, locked eyes

and said. “I’ll be back, Mistress, I’ll be back.” And I

replied, “Yes, yes you will.”

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