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The mysterious angler

I decided to head down to the river and do some sunbathing. I have never seen anyone around this area in the many years I had frequented this specific spot. There is a bend in the river and across the way are scattered huge boulders that jut out of the water. The land isn’t private or anything, so I feel like it’s a magical space just for me.

I acted as I normally do. I laid out my towel, snacks, music, and a journal. I’m supposed to mediate, but that hasn’t happened yet here because I end up just walking around and exploring. Later I’ll get to sunbathing on a huge boulder, call it quits and return to the beautiful cave that is my residence.

I had been out this time for about an hour and 1/2 when I heard a sloshing around up the river. From where I was perched, the man couldn’t see me, but I could see him.

He was slender but muscular and had really nice eyes. He actually looked quite tired and maybe pissed from the long-rugged walk that hid this perfect spot.

I didn’t know why he was headed my way or what he was even doing here. Did he see me? Should I be worried or pissed since he was ruining my slumber?

This guy was getting close and I couldn’t have that. I wasn’t going to stay up on this rock in the sun all day, so I had to politely shouted down to him “Excuse me sir, if you are going to disrupt my slumber will you please at least help me descend this boulder?”

He stumbled, looked up and a grin spread across his face. He responded without hesitation “Of course my queen.” I must admit his response made me a bit wet. I smiled devilishly down to him and handed him my stuff without breaking eye contact.

This fucking angler had clearly caught something today and he knew it. He grabbed me by my waist and lowered me down smoothly and very close to his nicely built stout body. I kept my hands on his chest after he had put my feet solidly on the ground. I could see that his breathing was a bit faster than it should be. I’m not that heavy and he clearly was in excellent shape, so he was obviously anxious.

I bite my lower lip and play coy. “It seems I need to hydrate, do you happen to have something to wet my lips? He stepped slightly back and pulled a hydro flask from one of the numerous pockets on his waiters. He opens it and says, “Here my queen.” in a soft husky voice. I thank him and drink his water down. I take this time to study him for a moment. It’s such a mystery where he came from or why he was there.

So, I ask him what the hell is he doing here? “You seem to be an angler, but you have no rod nor fish. You’re not dressed for swimming, and you don’t have a boat. So, what the hell brought you?” He shrugs, cocky prick.

“Seems the river wanted me to stumble down to my queens’ feet and assist her.” He proudly states. “Hmmm assist me? Sounds like you think there is more you can help me with. Do tell your queen how you might still be of service?"

“When I grabbed your waist, my queen, I felt how tight your body was. Rigid, would be a term some might use.” he smiled. I step back and scoff, “You deal with enough unworthy men and see how rigid you are. Fucking hell!"

He laughs and replies, “I’m aware how disappointing most men are. Please let me give you an amazing experience. Not all men fear Femdom. Some men prefer to worship and honor their queens.”

My eyebrows shot up and I bite my lip again. My thighs open just a fraction, and he sees every move with hawk like vision. I look around and say, “It looks like i'll need a place to lie down.”

He obeys and clears off an area, then strips his waiters off. I see his glorious curved cock! He smiled and the curve twitched towards my voice as if it was responding. I giggle and ask, “Why are my cloths still on?” He pounces and I’m not clothed for long. He kisses me very sensually and then runs his hand up my neck and nibbles on my ear lobe whispering. “Lay down my queen, please.”

He squeezes my ass and releases it slowly. I lay down enjoying the feel of his hands on my skin. They’re rough like the ground I was laying upon. He keeps kissing my body from down my neck to my clavicle to my chest, belly, inner thighs and down to my toes. He brought my left leg up in the air and laid on my right inner thigh, perfectly aligned with my soaking wet pussy. “Beautiful my queen.” He rasped as if he knew I needed his praise. “May I please you now, my queen.” he begged. I ran my hand over his face gently looking at the need he held there and I nodded.

He started to tease my clit with his thumb while two of his thick fingers entered me and went in search of my g spot.

I kept my one hand on my left thigh helping keep that out of the way. My other hand started out on my breast but as his skill was revealed it went on top of his head. His cunniligus skills erased the memories of all the bad ones that came before. His tongue was not a hinderance but an agile appendage! He worked his tongue, fingers and mouth all in tandem. I must admit for a few seconds, I left this planet.

I returned right before he produced the most thigh shuddering orgasm out of me! Fucking hell, the lone mystery man has a very talented mouth for a man of very few words.

He cleaned me up and gently lowered my leg kissing me all the way back up my body until he was eye to eye. His rock hard cock, leaking and visibly throbbing gave me a sight I’ll never forget.

I kiss him deeply, tasting myself on his tongue, lips and seeing myself glisten on his beard. I lean back and exhale stretching like a cat completely elated.

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