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The Ginger Giant

I start out my day running errands. I’m wearing tight black jeans and a black long-sleeved blouse. My hair is in a loose bun and my glasses are on, very causal everyday vixen. I pull over onto an empty city side street. Big thick trunked trees line both sides of the street. It’s very autumn picturesque. There’s no one around. Not on the sidewalk, nor cars on the street. Or so I thought. I see out of the corner of my eye a very tall red headed man. He is just staring at me from his spot on the other side of the street. Apparently, the way I was looking at him invited him to walk over to my car in a very slow cocky way. This handsome giant had an adorable ear to ear grin. His swagger swayed me, and I got out of my car to walk up to meet him. I came up to his chest which was very broad and well-dressed in casual attire. Wind breaker, khaki shorts and nice tennis shoes adorned him.

His scruff covered his chin and cheeks and went over his lips. His smile deepened as I walked closer. “Hello Mistress” he softly rasped.

“Mmmm.” I replied intrigued. “Make it a habit of stalking women on empty streets, sir?” I asked with a smirk.

“Only the most amazing of specimens deserve my attention, Mistress.” He said confidently.

“Well, you do look like perfect prey for such a fox as myself.” I reply swiftly as I moved a step closer. He remains still but his smile broadens. I get close enough to reach my hand out to gently place it on his solid chest. I walk around him grazing my hand along his body as I inspect him. He just stands still smiling like a goof, but in a very erotic way. I can feel his desire. The sexual tension is heavy.

I peruse his well-built body. Looking down, I see a very nice bulge. He follows my gaze and blushes a bit. When I meet his eyes again, he is a bit fidgety. “So, what is your plan my ginger giant?” I ask, smiling cruelly.

He looks away and shyly says, “I just wanted to feel your lips, Mistress. And I can’t help but need to touch myself while you watch.” My eyes widen but I’m not surprised. I put my hands out to my sides and spin. “Where do you want to do this?

His smile doesn’t waver, yet it seemed to be more devilish. I felt my chest tingle. It seems this red haired beast was into just my kind of naughty play. He extends his hand. I place mine in his and he swiftly and smoothly pulls me into his chest and leans down so that the scruff of his 5 o'clock shadow tickles my ear and neck.

He softly says " Mistress, I have a car parked in a secluded spot behind the hedge.” He keeps me pinned to his chest and he grinds his bulge into my crotch. His back bent in a beautiful arch towards me. “I want you to watch me from the front seat. I want you to stare at me while I stroke my big hard cock and tell you all the naughty things I want to do to you. Mmmm Mistress, please allow me the release in your presence.” He begs.

I am thoroughly aroused at this point partly due to how his beard tickles me. Plus, I feel the heat and a lust filled need pouring off of him. His huge, chiseled body almost shaking, yet his voice steady and rough. He’s tempting me with his arrogance. So, I whisper " Lead the way, perve."

We walk a few paces back into the wooded parking lot of an old turn of the century church. The word of God wasn’t sticking in this neighborhood to say the least. His car was a little red four door. I was envisioning a big truck since the man was over 6 feet tall. My ginger giant walked to the passenger side and opened my door for me. It made me giggle. “I love that you are such a gentleman even in this sinful act.”

“Yes Mistress, you deserve the absolute best treatment at all times in any circumstance and it is my duty to provide that to you.” He said with that smile never failing and yet glowing the whole time. I looked at him. His excitement was now very visible through his tight khaki short as he had started to leak precum and it was making a stain. He looked down and noticed trying to cover the stain with his sweater but changed his tune and shut the door claiming his throne on the driver’s side.

I turn my body towards the giant. His smile hasn’t wavered the entire time. Yes, his cheeks had grown redder, and his bulge was now leaking with precum, but he wasn’t about to blush. He was too into the moment to care. He sees me notice and he slowly pulls his thick rock-hard cock out of his zipper. He gives one of the best breathy moans as he takes his finger and wipes up the precum on his finger and slowly licks it clean. His gaze never leaving my eyes and his smile is replaced ever so slightly with a look of pure need and desire. I know that the only way this ginger giant will be able to release is with m permission. I could get out of the car and leave him to ache for me until his orgasm is so intense it just leaks out of him… Hmmm. I ponder for a bit as I stare at his glorious cock twitching towards me as if it can sense my presence and his crazy desire for me. I made my decision, but I want him to edge a bit for me while I make him sweat out my decision. “Moan like the good naughty boy you are.” I say, “And run your thumb around the ridge of your cock tip.”

That move causes his cock to spill more precum out. His veins are throbbing, and I can’t help how seeing his cock makes my body feel. His moans are music to my ears, and I demand he finish. “Do not look away!” I warned him. He nods and his eyes roll back in his head. His big meaty hand grips his thick shaft and with just a few forceful strokes he brings himself to a very loud climax. His load was thick and very white. The pressure he had built up over his weeks of edging had finally exploded. His moan was heard inside the closest neighbor’s house, undoubtably. His massive load covered his shorts, chest and parts of his face. I giggle with pure bliss, smiled and leaned over to slap his cock and balls once with a swift crack and exit the car. I saunter around to his window grab his chin and kiss him gently on the lips. “Till next time my sexy giant.” I whispered and walked back to my car.

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